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Marika's dance school is called Nöjesdansakuten in Swedish, which means "emergency exit for social dancing". The dance school aim at teaching people the joy of dancing and that everone can learn to dance, at least to manage one lap around the floor without embarrasing anyone. The dance school is run by dance teacher Marika Lagervall.

I have earlier (during the years 2004-2011) given dance courses for students and forein students at Chalmers, but nowadays I give only private lessons and courses for couples and small groups. I have no dance hall to book, so I rely on the dancers to be to find a suitable location for the lesson. Mostly I give lessons in waltz for wedding couples, but I have also given courses for hen and bachelor parties as well as lessons on special events and birthday parties.

Most of the information on my webbpage is in Swedish only, but please write to me if you have questions and I can explain in English. You can find more information on the contact page here.

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