Welcome to the dance school "Nöjesdansakuten" inEnglish flag Gothenburg!

This dance school is run by me, Marika Lagervall, and I give private lessons in dancing, mostly waltz for weddings, foxtrot and bugg, but sometimes also other dances. Most of the web page is in Swedish, but here is a short overview of the content and where you can find more information. I give private dance lessons in English too when requested. (Just note that I only give lessons to couples and groups.)

If you have questions about private lessons, wedding dances, waltz music and other relevant things, you are welcome to contact me via email.


This page contains information about the dance school and the teacher (dance background, merits, previous dance classes etc). All the pages are in Swedish only. 

This is a special site for wedding waltz and contains information about different kind of waltzes, useful information for beginners, videolinks and music tips. All the pages are in Swedish only. However, the page with the music list should be quite easy to understand even without any Swedish skills.

Om danserna
In this site you can find information about all the dances I have given courses or lessons in (plus a few more), and also with music tips and video links. All information here is in both English and Swedish.

Here you can find information about how to book a private lesson. This concerns information about fees and conditions, where the lesson takes place and useful things to think about to prepare for the first lesson. All information is in Swedish, but contact me if there is anything you'd like to know and I'll do my best to help you.


This is an archive over all the earlier dance courses I had on Chalmers for Chalmers dance society during the years 2004-2011. All information here is in both English and Swedish.

Contact information, all in Swedish. Just write to me if you need help. 

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